All of the Sudden.... EP Official Release.

On March 19, Red Jacket Shaft Publishing released Delta's first 4-song EP All of the Sudden.... Read more for details or to find out how you can order it today!

Upcoming Shows!

We have 2 shows coming up. We will be playing March 21 at TRIP in Santa Monica and our CD Release show will be April 9 @ Molly Malone's in West Hollywood. Check out the events page...

Delta Fan of the Month

Fan of the Month, Mike Holley!

Every month Delta will be choosing one of their fans for a quick shout out in the spotlight for showing their support!  This month we choose fan Mike Holley! See full article...


Delta's hit single "Fully Loaded" was the featured song in The Asylum's 2012 horror pic starring 30 Rock's Katrina Bowden! Click the link to visit the movie's home page to view the full movie trailer and hear our song! Thanks to The Asylum's music supervisor, our good friend @chrisridenhour for being such a huge fan of Delta and placing us in two of their films! We were also the featured film and credit sequence song with our track "Keep On" in their film Bikini Spring Break.

Delta featured on

Delta recently had a write up in the famous local scene blog, HoopLA. Click here to check it out and take a minute to look at all their other reviews of all things Los Angeles!



There are those convinced the days for guitar-soaked rock bands with a penchant for straight-edged pop melodies are long gone and left to collect dust and filed under “Yesterday’s Rock.” Such opinion overlooks one vital element from the equation: times are always changing and given our dark state of world affairs, we all need something we can lean on! ‘Delta’ knows pop history and is not afraid to dirty their hands having been influenced by the unconcerned approach of the great ‘pop song’ craftsman-ship from their obvious influences from classic rock and Brit-Pop, The Beatles, Oasis, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Creedence, The Sex Pistols and other great bands. ‘Delta’ will be filed under modern classic rock tradition and aspire to deliver live music performance just like their heroes. From attitude to melody to drink preference, upon meeting them, one will see they are the real deal. Robust, funny, maybe a bit arrogant, for a band in their infancy they write songs that best represent their dreams and will soon one day give musical resurrection.


Brandon Arend (songs, vox, guitars)
Ryan Healy (drums)
Taylor Nelson (bass)
Kyle Goins (guitar, backing vox)

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